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7 mistakes you make when washing your face ...

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... And other tips for keeping a clearer and healthier skin

You might think you wash your face the right way. It can’t be that hard, can it? However, you might not be washing it properly for your specific skin type. Not following a proper facial cleansing can damage and irritate your face and affect your skin health.

Here are some skincare mistakes you need to avoid when washing your face:

1. Not washing your face before going to sleep

Yes, it is a basic but we don’t always follow it! Especially the days we haven’t been wearing any make up. However, pollution and dirt accumulate every day in our skin, on top of our natural oils and sweat. It is extremely important to wash our face every night regardless to what we have been doing in order to avoid skin irritation and breakouts.

2. Washing your face too much

Although you don’t want to wash it too often! Ideally you should wash your face twice a day, in the morning and at night. Washing it more than that can lead to dry skin or the completely opposite, producing too much oil! Dermatologists recommend using a cleanser at night and only rinse with water in the morning so it doesn’t strip your skin’s natural oil. Also, according to Korean natural skincare, the best way to remove makeup at night is using coconut oil before the cleanser!

3. Not making sure the towels are clean

You might not realize how much bacteria and germs your towels accumulate after using them for a few days. Studies show that using the same towel or washcloth over and over spreads the bacteria over your face which can lead to breakouts or acne. The ideal solution is to have a separate body and face towel and make sure you change it regularly!

4. Not using the right water temperature

Did you know that using hot water to wash your face can damage the skin? After cleansing your face while having a hot shower, it is more likely that your skin will get over-dry or irritated. So now you know: turn the temperature down!

5. Not making sure your cleanser is the right one for your skin type 

Using the wrong cleanser can mess with the pH of your skin and produce the negative effect we don’t want. It is recommended for oily or mixed skin to use a gel based formula while creamy lotions or oils are a better option for dry skin while washing your face.

6. Using the makeup wipe as your whole cleansing routine

Makeup wipes are absolutely no substitutes for a good cleanse! Even they are very practical, they usually spread the dirt around your face without getting rid of it a hundred percent. The ideal situation would be to use the wipes only if you are on the go! But even in that case, making sure you rinse your face after is essential!

7. Over exfoliating your skin

Exfoliating your skin too aggressively or for too long can severely damage your skin. You should not exfoliate more than a few times a week and only once or twice a month if you have dry or sensitive skin. It is easy to fall in the mistake of using a facial scrub as a daily cleanser but ideally you want to have a separate product just for exfoliating.  

Even these might seem very obvious daily routines, trust us: they will definitely make the difference between a dull and a radiant skin.


By Andrea Blazquez