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Mental detox from a busy day

Inner Goddess mental detox after a stressful day, relaxation, inner self, calm facial oil, soothing and organic skincare by amalie beauty

A few ways to liberate yourself and let go of the day

You have had an endless day at work, still have tons of work pending for tomorrow and you need to prepare that important meeting for Friday. You are on the tube on your way home and can’t get your mind off work.  Do you recognize the feeling?

Finally you arrive home, to your safe and comfy space, where you can let go and be yourself. You change into comfy clothes but your mind is still in your workplace. What do you do? Here are some easy ways to get rid of the stress that work can cause you and liberate the negative energy from your inner self.

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Have you tried Yoga?

Yoga is probably one of the most common techniques in order to clear your mind and combat stress in your daily life. If you are not a yogi yet, maybe you want to read this…

Did you know that yoga was originally practiced as a form of healing? It is not only an excellent way to relax and connect with yourself, but also helps reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure and lower your heart rate. We are not surprised that yoga is considered nowadays one of the best stress reducers.

Not convinced yet? What about this: studies show that yoga also help you live longer! Not only the postures help to strengthen and remove tension but the breathing practices encourage us to take in more oxygen, improving circulation and essentially ‘slowing down’ the ageing process.

Statistics show that 71% of yoga practitioners are women between 25 and 45 years old. Are you going to be the next one to join? You can start by trying it out in the comfort of your living room. Here are a few online yoga classes for beginners that we absolutely love:

- Adriene Mishler – Yoga With Adriene 

- Kino MacGregor – KinoYoga

- Tara Stiles – TaraStilesYoga


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Have you heard about the Gratitude Journal?

Gratitude journals have recently become a very popular tool in psychology and self-help but are also in high demand as an inspirational gift for the general public.

Studies have shown that keeping a journal where you write what you are grateful for every day increases the wellbeing, lowers stress levels and protects from depression. It has been brought to our attention how people that keep a gratitude journal find more fulfilling relationships, have better sleep and greater resilience.

Investing a few minutes every night filling a gratitude journal is a very positive practice to keep a good mindset. Creating this habit and most importantly enjoying the process will help you increase your life satisfaction and decrease the worry and tension accumulated during the day.

Our favourites are the “5 Minute Journal”, “The Happiness Planner” and “Good Days start with Gratitude”.


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Treat yourself with a pamper session

We all love a good pamper session but we don’t always have the time for a complete body and skin care treatment at home.

Studies show that people that make the time to pamper themselves find it easier to deal with stress. Apart from being an excellent stress reducer, pampering slows down the aging process, increases the optimism and most importantly, it is an amazing way to relax and feel better about yourself. Here are some ways to do it:

Start by setting a nice atmosphere in your bathroom, light some candles or incense to set yourself into a relaxing mood.  Start your skin care by cleansing and exfoliating your skin. We love the Whamisa Organic Foam cleanser and the smooth exfoliation of the Honey and Orange Facial Scrub.

Continue your ritual by applying a face mask and if you have time, a hair mask too! The Bubu Skincare mask sheets are super easy to apply and smell amazing! Prepare yourself a nice bath adding oils and bath salts. We love the Magnesium Bath Crystals and the Ritual of Hammam Bath Oil from Rituals. You can make the most of that relaxing time in the bath by continue to read that book that has been on your side table for weeks!

And finish your pamper session by moisturizing your face before bed. Our favorite is the Rewind Organic Oil from Amalie Beauty available on our Inner Goddess website. Rich in antioxidants, it is the perfect way to moisturize the skin before getting your beauty sleep.

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Nothing beats a good tea

Did you know that just the act of preparing a cup of tea makes you relieve stress and feel more balanced?

Relaxing teas like peppermint or chamomile contain a number of beneficial ingredients that help to settle your mind and reduce stress and anxiety. Tea also contains amino acid that helps to balance the mood.

Try the Pukka Relax with chamomile, the Yogi Bedtime tea with Roiboos or the Yogi Breathe Deep with Eucalyptus.

Only you can find the best way to liberate yourself but this night rituals will definitely help you detox your mind and body from that busy day and finally feel reconnected with your inner self.


By Andrea Blazquez