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Why you should go completely makeup free during this quarantine

And other positive effects of letting your skin rest

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Are you using this quarantine to say goodbye to makeup for a while and let your skin have a well deserved rest? Or maybe you still follow your morning makeup routine to look absolutely fabulous around the house? Either way, we tell you the reasons why taking a break from makeup will benefit your skin.

Your skin will thank you

Wearing makeup exposes your skin to a considerable amount of chemicals and toxins that accumulate in our pores in addition to the air pollutants our skin is exposed to every day. Letting your skin breathe will make your pores smaller and your skin look smoother. Also, you will experience fewer breakouts as they are usually originated by the toxins from makeup or from the brushes we use and we don’t clean regularly.

Studies show that keeping a clear face will make your skin stay younger and reduce wrinkles. Also, makeup interferes with our skin's cell renewal process, so this means no more dry skin! By letting your skin breathe, it will be more hydrated and refreshed.

You will sleep longer!

Going makeup free means you don’t have to spend an hour every morning applying it!

A study shows that on average women spend around one hour a day and waste 474 days of their lives applying makeup! Doesn’t it sound crazy?

By keeping your skin clear you will have more free time to spend doing other things you love. This time you can dedicate it to meditate in the morning, prepare a healthy breakfast or getting more sleep!

But most importantly, you will feel better with yourself

The biggest benefit of not wearing makeup is more psychological than physiological. Being confident enough and embrace your natural look is the base for a life in harmony with your inner self.

The power of seeing a real beauty in a clear face when we look in the mirror and not letting society dictate what we need to see is the greatest benefit of all.


By Andrea Blazquez